Tuesday, February 28, 2006


This painting is of the woods beside our house in Wayland. One day when we were going for a walk, my very young niece asked "Are we going into the gark, gark woods?" So now those woods are known as "the gark, gark woods." When the sun was hitting the canoe, it looked almost purple, and that is what I tried to capture.


Our family owns some beautiful property (100 acres) in Wayland, NY. Wayland is a small village south of Rochester. One morning, my husband suddenly woke me up very early and told me to grab my camera. We were going for a walk. The sunrise was spectacular! This painting is from one of my photos from that walk. The woods were all lit up from the morning sun, and we walked everywhere. I think I shot 3-4 rolls of film that morning and created several paintings from those photos. I'll share.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Duxbury, MA is a coastal community located south of Boston and just above Plymouth. Our woods are filled mostly with very tall and beautiful white pines. Last winter we had several snow storms that covered each and every little twig on every tree. This painting is from one of my photographs, and graced the front of my Christmas card this year.


I like to drive over to the Powder Point Bridge in Duxbury to capture its incredible sunsets. I was halted by the orange glow over the water and the way it backlit the dock.