Tuesday, February 28, 2006


This painting is of the woods beside our house in Wayland. One day when we were going for a walk, my very young niece asked "Are we going into the gark, gark woods?" So now those woods are known as "the gark, gark woods." When the sun was hitting the canoe, it looked almost purple, and that is what I tried to capture.

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Tom said...

Hi..I just wanted to say thank you for the nice comment about my photos. It's funny I look at them as just snapshots through passages in time.

Your paitings are very nice and I love the sunset image on the way to powderpoint. Duxbury is a nice town, and I have to get there more often, and not just to farfars for ice cream in the summer. :-)

If you have a website I'd be happy to add it to my links section on my site.

Thanks again for looking at my photos. :-) and likewise I'll be back here looking at your blog and photos.