Wednesday, May 31, 2006


This photo of the rope is part of my "boatyard junkyard" series. I played with selective coloring and kind of like the very subtle result.


Unknown said...

Funny how simple objects and shapes can create such dynamic studies. Good eye.

Nice contrasts, depth, and movement here.

Maria's Photos said...

Thanks, PB, for your visit.

Allen Murray said...

Very nice job. I really like your approach here, with the subject being grayscale. The restrained variances in the color of the background really ‘ties’ the photo together. A great eye, good composition, and a wonderfully executed technique make this image of selective coloring a superb work of art.

I am glad my study of selective coloring was used to inspire you. Often times after you post one of your pastel paintings, I dig out the acrylics with ideas racing about recreating one of my photographs on canvas. Unfortunately time is never on my side and I have yet to follow through with my intentions.

Maria's Photos said...

Hi Allen, Thank you for your wonderful and encouraging compliments. I do hope you get to your own paintings sometime soon.