Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Another watercolor painting was done today. I think I like this better than the daffodils. I also used some pen and ink for detail. I'm having fun with my watercolors again.


Unknown said...

Long ago, when I aspired to be an artist, I had to present a portfolio of work to be considered for admission at a local art school. It had been 8 or so years since my last formal classes, and I had lost or given away all my drawings and paintings.

I frantically began creating art with as many media as I could so that I could have something to show the committee. I was surprised at how my works turned out, given that I had done nothing artistic for so long.

I mentioned this to one of the committee members, who said making art is like alcoholism in that when you start back up, it's as though you never quit. You resume at the level you would have achieved had you not stopped.

I think his point was that even if you stop painting or drawing, your artistic eye and aesthetic sensibilities continue to develop. Perhaps that's why your watercolors are fresher now than they were two years ago. Maybe the difference has less to do with pigments and more to do with your evolving perspective.

Maria's Photos said...

Thank you. I feel so much better and will continue to strive for growth.

Allen Murray said...

This is something I would hang on my wall. Your work always has such great color! I think the added pen and ink is what draws my attention the most, though. I like the enlarged view much better. What is the size of the original painting?

Maria's Photos said...

Thank you so very much, Allen, for all of your wonderful comments. You are so kind. The size of the "Fallen Dune Fence" is 7" x 10".