Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Just a little ditty that I painted today down near the Gurnet. I think my friend and I were the only ones on Earth. It was just beautiful, and so peaceful, too.


Allen Murray said...

Your painting has a real light, fresh feel to it. I like it!

Maria's Photos said...

Thank you, Allen. I've been painting with pastels for a long time, and I'm trying watercolors again. It's a difficult medium, and needless to say, many went into the trash -- too muddy.

Unknown said...

You have a sweet touch. This perhaps has more to with the medium here than your artistic eye in general.

Your photography and pastel compositions are quite bold and complex. It will be interesting to see if your watercolors take on similar characteristics over time.

Thanks for sharing your artistic self.

Maria's Photos said...

Thanks, PB. I plan to keep on trying. Growth is what it's all about, isn't it?