Thursday, June 22, 2006


Beach roses (rosa rugosa) also come in white. This photo is from the same day that I took so many photos on the beach road with my friend. I like the way they are growing through the fence.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations you are talented and resourceful! Thanks for the visit at my site. This is no place for responding on that subject, I will on mine. I would have notice the flowers being out of line automatically. I enjoyed your blog and comments. I feel like I had a little taste of culture. The beauty of a flower, inspires anyone who takes the time. Your photos speak to ones senses. Bless you. (One ram to another.)

Maria's Photos said...

Thank you. I really appreciate the nice things you had to say.

Allen Murray said...

Including the fence in your composition really works for me. I think this image would work really well in black and white. As said above, your photos really do speak to the senses.