Saturday, February 09, 2008


I have taken photos of this tree in all the seasons, but in autumn, it is at its most beautiful.


Anonymous said...

I was looking for some farm in Duxbury a few months back, and I came across that tree in my search. That tree is awesome. Nice capture of it Maria. :)

PS: Never did find the farm.. I think it was O'neil? maybe?

Maria's Photos said...

I think it is the O'Neill farm, which I believe is on Winter Street, but I'm not sure where. It might be all the open land that doesn't really look like a farm.

AlexC said...

As i looked at this picture I was thinking about how it would look covered in snow or bare with no leaves in its different season. Then i took the liberty to read the caption below it and noticed you said you took pictures of it in all season. Do you think I might be able to see wat those pictures look like?
If so could you send them to
It would be greatly appreciated.

Maria's Photos said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Alex. I have to locate the other photos of this tree. Give me a little time, but I will get them to you.

Anonymous said...

Very old tree. If this tree could speak, maybe we can here lot of interesting thinks for it. ;-)